Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tour de BK '06 Update...200 and done!

It's a bit overdue, but I finally reached my summer cycling goal of 200 miles when I (barely) completed a 41-mile ride earlier today in 2 hours, 52 minutes for an average speed of 14.3 miles per hour.

I basically did my 36-mile route and tacked on a five-mile loop along Route 35 south of the Mantoloking Bridge (basically from Herbert St. to 6th Ave. in the Normandy Beach section of Brick Twp. and back to the bridge).

Now, keep in mind, I have been using Google Maps to figure out my mileage so I'm sure there have been errors and I probably only did 195-198 miles, or something like that. But you know what? Since Google controls all the information on the planet, whatever Google says, is official in my book!

And the post title means what it says...I'm done with cycling for the year. I think my bike is shot. It just felt like it was about to fall apart on me today, so I think it was telling me something.

So I'll just concentrate on running for the immediate future...get a new bike for next summer and set some new cycling goals for Tour de BK 2007!


At 1:38 PM, Blogger lemasney said...

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At 1:40 PM, Blogger lemasney said...

I have a little biking update of my own in the post linked below, and I mention you in it.


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