Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tour de BK '06 RIde #7...The Big One

Well, I did it. I just completed the 36-mile, Toms River-to-Manasquan Inlet bike ride (see route on map below) in 2 hours, 17 minutes for an average speed of 15.7 miles per hour.

The ride put me at a total of 152 miles for the summer, leaving me 48 miles shy of my goal of 200 miles by the end of August.

I actually plan on going on an 11-mile ride later this afternoon to see a friend of mine, so look for an update later today if that happens.
UPDATE 10:04 PM ET - 8/13/06
Well, I couldn't go on the 11-mile ride because my rear tire got another flat and there was no place open to get it fixed.

Once again, I didn't stop to rest. The best part of the ride was that it took me 1 hour, 3 minutes to complete the first half of the ride, which was done in nearly ideal conditions. Plus, I got real close to breaking the speed limit on that bayside road with the "your speed is..." radar sign. It read 24 mph as I rode close to reaching the 25 mph speed limit. I need to go over the speed limit at some point this summer...I just HAVE to.

Coming over the Mantoloking Bridge on the way back was a dream. With the wind at my back, I shifted into high gear and got real low. I went flying down the descent and for about a mile down the road. I must have reached at least 45 mph during that felt like the fastest I have ever gone on a bike.'s the route:


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