Monday, February 20, 2006

Another song in the making?

I spent the weekend working on this song, tentatively titled "Heart of the Matter." It's just some piano right now...and I'm not sure I want to add anything else to it except vocals (didn't get around to writing words, but the phrase "heart of the matter" came to mind during one of the parts so I used it for a title).

Anyway, all the motifs heard in my previous attempts at songwriting are there. Of course, once I actually stepped back and listened to it without playing it, I realized some of the parts sound a bit too close to those in "Parting of the Ways," so I have to work out some phrasing.

That being said, I figured I should put it up on the blog as a work-in-progress demo. Enjoy!

Heart of the Matter (5:23/6.2MB)
(instrumental demo)


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