Sunday, August 28, 2005

Another reason to hate Katrina & The Waves

Well, it looks like Hurricane Katrina is going to devastate New Orleans. I know there are some people who don't have the means to evacuate because of age, health, lack of transportation, etc. However, if they want to guarantee their survival, they really need to find some way to get out of New Orleans because it is not going to be pretty once Katrina hits.

What also isn't pretty are these weekend anchors on CNN, FOX News, etc. I swear the guy at the anchor desk on CNN started screaming like Loud Larry from Dilbert a few minutes ago. And somebody on FOX News just blamed the Democrats for Hurricane Katrina...OK...that didn't happen...yet.

Meanwhile, I think I saw people in the background on The Weather Channel celebrating that people are actually watching them (yeah, that also didn't happen).

Really, though, I better not see one reporter in New Orleans tomorrow holding on for dear life as the water rushes into the city. I know this is news and I understand that this event will need to be documented, but I don't need a reporter on the scene to tell me that New Orleans is getting hammered. Just set up a few cameras, have them send live feeds back to the network and use that footage for as long as it lasts.

Here is the 5-day projected path of Katrina from the NOAA's National Hurricane Center:


At 8:50 PM, Blogger lemasney said...

I like the line in your podcast: "I could understand if you can't move..." laughing right now, 5 minutes later.


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