Friday, January 27, 2006

Oprah to Frey: FTBSITTTD

I must say that I don't watch Oprah Winfrey or care very much about what she has to say, but I admire her for changing course on her opinions about James Frey's faux memoir, "A Million Little Pieces," which was revealed by to be more fiction than fact (that link also includes the definition of FTBSITTTD for those who don't know it).

After coming to Frey's defense in a phone call to "Larry King Live" two weeks ago, Winfrey yesterday brought Frey back on her show, where "Pieces" was named to Oprah's book club last fall. This time, however, Winfrey ripped into Frey for deceiving her, her viewers and the general public. She also grilled Frey's publishers and apologized for making that phone call to Larry King.

So now I am eagerly awaiting Frey's true memoir titled "A Million More Little Pieces: My Shattered Career as an Author."


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